North Otago Mountains



Mount Domett

The history of a mountain.

Mount Domett, in North Otago, is situated at the southeastern end of the St. Marys Range, between Kurow to the northeast and Danseys Pass to the south, and is approximately 55 kilometres northwest of Oamaru.  Although not the highest in coastal North Otago or in the range (Kohurau at 2009m/6592′ is the highest in both), Mount Domett at 1942m/6370′ and Little Domett at 1860m/6104′ are certainly the most prominent peaks of the skyline when viewed across the coastal North Otago landscape.  Mount Domett and the other peaks of the St. Marys Range are often the objectives of tramping and mountaineering parties and with a variety of routes and terrain in both summer and winter conditions, this mountainous area has been well traversed on numerous occasions since the early twentieth century.


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