Wednesday Walkers


A walking group go on day walks within two hours driving from Oamaru each Wednesday.

 You are welcome to join us for the day and no membership is required.

Trip information can be sent to your email address by Tuesday, the day before the trip. If you wish to go on this email list please send your email address to stating your wish to be included in the mail out.

Unless otherwise notified trips will leave at 8-30 am each Wednesday from outside the  Towey  St. tennis courts,  Oamaru . You are  welcome to just turn up to be included in that days trip, though be aware that there is the very odd cancellation or time alteration.

See down further under Group Skills and Day Gear Checklist for some things to be aware of on the walk and what to bring.

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This Weeks Walk



Recent Walks

Moeraki Peninsula Farm Walk, Millenium Track and Lighthouse.

Wednesday the 1st July

15 people left Towey street  picking up another 12 at Maheno, travelling down to Moeraki where cars were parked at the beginning of the Millennium track just past Coronation street. David Inkersell was the leader and it was home territory . We set off up Coronation street, into Dick’s road, into Bill Piles property, past the reservoir, and on up the hill, through Moeraki native bush, which would be so beautiful in spring when all the kowhai trees are in flower. Continuing on into Lighthouse Hills property and on up to the trig station where we had a 360 degrees view while having morning tea.

From there we cut down the hill through the bush again and out onto the Lighthouse road. It was then across farm land to kaik no2 with again beautiful views of the sea and across more paddocks to Kaik no 1 where lunch was had sitting on the beach in the sun with the tide coming in.

After lunch it was on up the Kaik road as far as the Marae where we turned into Piles paddock again and followed the coast through the dump paddock to the Whalers watch monument above the port.  From the monument the group split several ways , some opting to go down for coffee, while others went down the hill to the beach and up over the hill, and the rest back up the hill from the beach and then down the steps on the Millennium track.

From Fleurs, it was back to the cars along the Millennium track.

From there some opted to head home, while 4 cars drove out to the Lighthouse, where we walked down to the Island, past many large seals basking in the sunlight and back to the viewing shed to look for any yellow eyed penguins. Several were heard, but none seen.

The day was made very enjoyable with such good weather and the many interesting stories David was able to tell about the local history.

Verbakel’s Farm Walk


Verbakels H/way 83 thru to Gibsons Ardgowan – Wednesday 24 June 2015


Weather: Fine and a very frosty -2degrees

Permission: Francine Verbakel and Colin Gibson

Travel: 15 km

Trampers: 31.

Drivers: Barbara 3, Ross 4, Georgie 4, Dave 4, Chris 4, Heather 5, Els 4, Ken 3

Trip: Vehicles left Towey St. at 8.35 a.m. turning right along the main street, heading north out of town to Pukeuri and left into State Highway 83.Stopping a few kilometres up at Verbakels property on the left. There we were met and led off by Francine Verbakel. Being a very frosty minus 2 degree morning, we were keen to get straight into moving to warm up. We walked up the farm stock race through Skinners bush, past tall gum trees, some lovely remnants of native trees and marvellous limestone cliffs. Then up through very green irrigated paddocks. Looking back offered some marvellous views of the sea and then the very snowy mountains to the west. The ponds we passed were frozen with thick ice .Later found us stopping for morning tea beneath some mature pine trees. Then we moved on at an easy pace with a few hills to Gibson’s property. Some nice looking Herefords watched us passing and a few gates and electric fences to negotiate. Once we reached Gibsons yard, we waited while he moved some Hereford cattle into the yards. We then carried on back up hill to the same spot under the pine trees for lunch. Relaxing under the trees in the sunshine on such a beautiful day and with everyone removing layers of clothing as the day warmed up. We walked back the same route, except for a climb up a frosty hill before skinners bush. We returned back to the cars, around 2.20 pm. A very enjoyable winter’s day walk.

Total time 5hr 10 mins, distance 12.2km.


      Wednesday 17   June 2015

 Weather: Fine, but cool nor ‘west breeze

Permission: Otto Dogterom, Malcolm Harvey, Richard Metcalfe (new owner)

Travel: 49 km

Trampers; 25

Drivers: Helen, Bill, Jane, Dave, Ross, Jane and Judy.

Trip: Vehicles left Towey St. at 8.37 a.m. turning off to Weston and then through Ngapara, Tokarahi and down the Livingstone-Duntroon Road, turning left on to the bridge across the Maerewhenua and on to the Earthquakes Road. We parked at the signboard at the entrance to the Earthquakes. We then set off (9.45a.m.) and walked about 100m. along the road in the direction of Duntroon, turned into a paddock and went past the big deep pond and the old cottage and on up the knob where we sat a bit below the top to avoid the stiff breeze while we had morning tea. The view along the snow-clad Kakanuis was magical. We had great 360 degree views of the surrounding countryside and the plateau and escarpment formations which had been part of the landscape since ancient times. We went down the escarpment side of the knob, picking our way through its limestone and fossils. We proceeded across the plateau and around the end to the escarpment overlooking the Waitaki Valley and directly above Jim Jerram’s Ostler vineyard.

Lunch was at noonafter6.76 km. walking, as we came down a gully and to Earthquakes Road again, then turned right for about 100m., turned left through a gate into a paddock and down the track to the creek, and to the shed behind which are rock drawings. We continued past the house on the right and turned left uphill following a gully which led up to another plateau. The property has changed  hands so this part of the walk was shorter than usual as most of the old machinery had been carted away and was no longer available for close inspection. We  crossed the plateau instead of turning right towards the trees which are above the track leading down to the earthquakes as we usually do, and continued across to go down the escarpment opposite the farmhouse and 50m. from the cars, which we reached at 2.30p.m.A number went up the track to the Earthquakes for a good look around and a walk down into the old Post Office area which has signatures from years past carved into its walls.

Cars left before 3.30p.m.just as the afternoon was clouding over and turning cold. A good day out!

Total time 5hr.48min, moving time 3hr.21min. distance13.7km.and total ascent 705 metres.

Shag Point

20 May 2015


After organizing the cars we left Towey St and travelled to Maheno to pick up the Kakanui crowd, then on to the rest area at Shag Point. We started walking around 9.45am, but as the tide was not far enough out, we walked on the beach going North, till we arrived at the rocks, which were very slippery, so most turned back after a while, while the hardy ones carried on for some distance, before turning back. We all had morning –tea at the cars, and at 11am we started in 2 groups to the south. Georgie, Heather, Norma, Joy, Ina and ?, chose to walk around the road, while the others explored the beach, the beautiful rock pools, the rock formations, which are really spectacular and enjoyed by all. Even though you had to watch your step, it was worthwhile.
The first group explored the many beautiful and amazing “cribs” and the beautifully landscaped grounds. We arrived at the boat harbour about noon, but it was very cold and draughty so we found a sheltered spot amongst the tussocks and enjoyed our lunch. The others arrived in dribs and drabs after 12.15pm.
We left the area at 1pm to go over the hill to the mouth of the Shag River. It was much warmer there, as we were sheltered. Only 4 trampers went down to the river, while the rest found a vantage point with glorious views.
We then started back to the cars, where we arrived at 3 pm. Very pleased with the lovely day out. Thank you John for organizing it.
After ice-creams at Hampden we were back in town shortly after 4pm. Ina K.



  Group Skills

We sometimes walk in places where it is easy to get lost, or fog comes in unexpectedly.
* Always follow the leaders instructions.  STAY WITH YOUR GROUP.
* Keep in view of someone with a two way radio.
* If you think you are lost or unsure where to go, eg. A fork in the track or reduced visibility such  as fog, STAY PUT. Make yourself visible with a bright article. Call out or blow your whistle.  Someone will look for you.
* Always let someone know if you are going off the track eg. Toilet stop or photo shoot.
* Look behind frequently to keep the person behind you in view, and also to know where you have  walked in case you need to go back.
* The person who opens a gate should close it, or designate someone else who knows how, to do so.  Leave all gates as you find them.

Day Gear Check List

The following should be carried with you, no matter how nice the weather is when you leave. Day pack, boots, socks plus a dry pair in the vehicle, water/wind-proof coat with hood, over-trousers, shorts and long johns or long trousers, thermal singlet, shirt, warm jersey/jacket, gloves/mitts, warm hat, sun hat. NO COTTON OUTER GARMENTS PLEASE. This includes jeans as they contribute to hypothermia when wet. Sunglasses, lunch, snacks/emergency rations, full water bottle, sun block, first aid kit, toilet paper, torch, map, compass, whistle, survival sheet/bag, a bright piece of equipment or clothing. Optional  Gaiters, camera, walking sticks, spare clothes in the vehicle.

160 Wednesday  Walkers  Walks

If you have a walk you would like to do, please suggest it at next weeks walk.

ABC Caves


Anderson Lagoon – Shag River

Ashlands Rd. – Kemp Rd. Katiki

Aviemore – Mt. Dryburgh

Awakino Ski Field

Awamoko Stream

Balmoral Huts

Ben Ledi

Ben Lomond

Ben Ohau

Benmore Walkway

Benmore Peak

Big Ben

Big Kuri Creek

Bike rides

Black Cap – Scout Hill

Bobbys Head – Pleasant River

Borland Lodge

Boundary Creek

Canyon Creek

Cave Hill

Central Otago Rail Trail

Chinamans Hut

Chinamans Cave

Clear Stream


Conical Peak

Deep Stream

Devils Bridge Cave

Devils Elbow

Doctors Point

Dome Hills

Domett Loop

Douglas (Rob & Sue)


Elephant Hill

Evensdale Glen

Flannagans Pass

Fox Peak

Freehold Creek

Gentle Annie Hut

Gibson Farm Walk

Glenthorn Station

Gunns Bush

Golf Course, Waianakarua

Government Hill


Gunns Bush

Hamilton Hill

Hampden / Moeraki

Hampden Township

Hillgrove Farm Walk

Herbert Forest

Heywards Point

Island Cliff

Island Stream Waterfall

Kakanui Peak

Kakanui – All Day Bay

Karitane Walkway

Kauru Hill – Fuchsia Creek

Kawairua  Station

Kettleholes, Omarama

Kurow Hill, Awakino Gorge

Kurinui Reserve

Lindis Pass / Dalrachney

Little Domett

Livingstone, Beaties Hill

Loman Run

Maerewhenua Gold Diggings

Moana Station

Moeraki Lighthouse

Moeraki walkway


Mt. Alexander

Mt. Alexander Loop

Mt. Bitterness

Mt Cargill

Mt Cook (Not the Summit)

Mt Dalgety

Mt. Dasher

Mt. David

Mt. Difficulty – Allan Rd

Mt Difficulty – Dasher

Mt. Difficulty – Hectors

Mt. Domett

Mt. Dryburgh

Mt. Evelyn

Mt. Fortune

Mt. Grayson

Mt Kirkliston

Mt. Kohurau

Mt Kyeburn

Mt. Mary, Trig J

Mt. Meyer

Mt Michael

Mt Milne

Mt. Miserable

Mt Nessing

Mt. Nimrod (Haka)

Mt Nimrod (East)

Mt Nobler

Mt. Obi

Mt Orr

Mt. Parker

Mt. Peel (Little)

Mt. Pisgah

Mt. Stalker

Mt Studholme

Mt. Sutton, Ohau

Mt Sutton, Waitangi

Mt. Trotter

Mts. Trotter & McKenzie

Mt. Watkin

Ngapara Farms Walk

Noondale Reserve

Oamaru Walkways

Obi, Mitchells Hut

Obi, Mt. Stalker

Obi, Shingle Creek

Orbell’s Cave

Otekaike Bridal Track

Otekaike Hill

Peel Forest

Pigeon Bush – Duncan Road

Pigeon Bush – South Peak

Pleasant River, Bobbys Head

Prominent Peak

Puketapu Hill

Pulpit Rock

Quail Burn

Raki’s Table / Tunnel

Raki’s, Belmont, Victoria Hills


Rock & Pillars

Rosella Ridge, Silver Peaks

Round Yards circuit / gorge

Seacliff Reserve

Shag Point

Siberia Hill

Staircase Ridge

Station Peak

Stony Ridge

Suttons Face

Swampy, Leith saddle

Table Top via Wainak  Reserve

Table Top via Herbert Forest

Tapui Farm Walk

Te Huruhuru

Temple – North

Temple – South

The Hays

Timaru Walkways

Trotters Gorge Reserve

Trotters Gorge Trig L

Tokarahi Farmwalk

Waihao Walkway, Hotel circuit

Waimate Gorge


Weston Escarpment

White Horse

Woolshed Creek

Wainono Lagoon

Starting place is the Towey St Tennis Courts (see the  map at the top of this page) usually at 8-30 am  every Wednesday.