Wednesday Walkers



A walking group go on day walks within two hours driving from Oamaru each Wednesday.

 You are welcome to join us for the day and no membership is required.

Trip information can be sent to your email address by Tuesday, the day before the trip. If you wish to go on this email list please send your email address to stating your wish to be included in the mail out.

Unless otherwise notified trips will leave at 8-30 am each Wednesday from outside the  Towey  St. tennis courts,  Oamaru . You are  welcome to just turn up to be included in that days trip, though be aware that there is the very odd cancellation or time alteration.

See down further under Group Skills and Day Gear Checklist for some things to be aware of on the walk and a recommendation of what to bring.

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Recent Walks



Twelve walkers headed off in nice conditions for an old favourite Waikouaiti/Karitane tramp.
From carpark at end of Beach St along the beach northwards across the stream (no problems yet) up the road directly to the Matanaka farm buildings for morning tea.
Back down the road to the same stream where 11 out of twelve decided not to get their boots wet, abandoned their leader, and headed upstream on the North bank looking for a dry route.
After negotiating the golf course and paddocks they came into view of an unexpected large estuary blocking their way forward.
Deciding to push onwards, and keeping in touch with the Lonely Leader, they found themselves on formed roads and eventually, with help from a friendly local and the aforementioned Lonely Leader they found a well formed track along the west side of the estuary which led directly to the bridge near the causeway where we often have our lunch. And in fact we did have our lunch there.
Moral of the story – sometimes misbehaviour leads to the discovery of attractive new options for future walks.
Back to the cars and on to Karitane where we made short work of the usual coastal walk to the historic Maori pa site.
Ice creams at Hampden.
David McKenzie

Wanderers @ Shag Point

1 May 2023

19 of us had an enjoyable day in the Shag Pt area.   Entering the pine forest, we had morning tea,  then proceeded to a lovely little beach (near the outlet of the Shag River), which a member of our group named “Wanderers Beach”.   We had lunch at the “house in the middle of nowhere” then did some exploring.  As we moved further into the forest, we discovered that it wasn’t easy to find an alternative  route down to the Shag River.   

In spite of some clouds and light wind,  we were in sheltered areas and everyone appeared to have had a good day out.  

Marawhenua Gold Sluicings

On another fine and relatively mild day, fifteen WW’rs enjoyed a slightly shorter route through the spectacular Marawhenua gold fields.  Since the harvesting of the pine forest just a few years ago, there is now a much better appreciation of the volume of material that disappeared with years of sluicing, all those years ago.  Resource consents unheard of way back then.
In spite of much better visibility with the clearing of the trees, the route most often taken in the past (which involves a considerably longer circuit) was missed, simply because of the rejuvenation of the undergrowth hiding the turn off point.
As always, there was a brief inspection of the last remaining house in the area.  It was inevitable that it would eventually succumb to the elements but a large tree falling across it speeded up the process.
Enjoyed by all.


Wednesday 24 May 2023

I opened my eyes – it was a quarter to eight.

To go Wednesday Walking, I could be too late!

I made an effort, and rushed about,

But had to concede when time ran out.


A quick call to Jane to ask if I may

Go with the Wanderers on this sunny day.

“Of course”, she said, “you’ll be most welcome”

And in that extra hour I could continue to waken.


Sixteen keen folks drove out to Ridge Road,

To walk Jane’s old farm in wandering mode.

Morning tea stop was at the gravel pit,

Where there were large macrocarpa logs on which to sit.


Then over paddocks with lush green pasture,

And along the side of a crop of Chou Mollier.

A herd of cattle was moved by a guy on a quad bike,

So out of our way, and in peace we could hike.


The peaks  of the Kakanuis stood crisp and clear,

With a touch of snow in the chilly air.

Jane named them all from right to left –

Te Kohurau, Pisgah, Ben Ledi and the rest.


Lunch on the roadside, then three returned to the cars

While the rest proceeded further for another half hour,

Admiring the views of the distant hills.

A lovely walk, enjoyed by all.

Christine S

Timaru Walkway – Inland

Wednesday 17 May  2023

Boundary Creek

Wednesday 3 May 2023

 Boundary Creek Road Rosebery Road, cave and aqueduct

Leaving Towey st. at 9am as only a short distance to drive north to boundary creek road where cars were parked around the corner on a grassy area.   With 21 walkers and a very calm mild day we headed up the gravel road as far as the rifle range . From here a decision had to be made as to which way the paper road was , it appeared to be up to the left and then right into a paddock  following a track west. In hindsight we should have gone right at the rifle range, but I had said that this trip was also an adventure.  Morning tea was by some trees. Continuing on we came across the entrance of one of the water  tunnels  part of the original water race  built in 1880 to bring water down to the Oamaru Borough. Thanks Chris, who with local knowledge pointed this out.       Knowing the direction we needed to go, we headed through a paddock of Lucerne, then down into a gully , then up a gentle incline and out thru a gate onto Roseberry road.

We continued to the end of this gravel road to Colin G’s  house where we sat in the sun on the side of the road to have lunch and take in the magnificent views both north and south.  Colin had happily agreed to show our group the cave that the Chinese had lived in during the building of the water race; he and his son had found it a few months prior.  Three  trampers travelled in his ute about one and half Kms across the paddocks, the rest of us walking.

From the top of the hill it was all down hill literally, through a couple of fences then down the hill pushing through the gorse and under growth to view the almost hidden entrance to the cave , which could accommodate about 4 or 5 of us . No wonder it has been so difficult to find. Just along from the cave was one of the 19 aqueducts which carried the water , amazing engineering  considering it was all built by hand  at a cost to the local council of 136 pounds.    The race functioned for 103 years.       From here we pushed and slid down the rest of the slope to come out by limestone caves on the other side.

From here it was down the gully east wards to finally meet up with Boundary creek road just below the rifle range and then back to the cars near the main road.   It was now about 3.30pm and 14kms had been covered.

This was a relativity new area for a large number of the trampers  out today  and a grateful thanks to both Plunkets and Colin and Scott G for allowing us access.



Group Skills

We sometimes walk in places where it is easy to get lost, or fog comes in unexpectedly.
* Always follow the leaders instructions.  STAY WITH YOUR GROUP.
* Keep in view of someone with a two way radio. (Note that we carry several 2 way radios and also a Personal Locator Beacon for emergencies.)
* If you think you are lost or unsure where to go, eg. A fork in the track or reduced visibility such  as fog, STAY PUT. Make yourself visible with a bright article. Call out or blow your whistle. 09-9 First aid practise Someone will look for you.
* Always let someone know if you are going off the track eg. Toilet stop or photo shoot.
* Look behind frequently to keep the person behind you in view, and also to know where you have  walked in case you need to go back.
* The person who opens a gate should close it, or designate someone else who knows how, to do so.  Leave all gates as you find them.

Day Gear Check List

The following should be carried with you, no matter how nice the weather is when you leave. Day pack, boots, socks plus a dry pair in the vehicle, water/wind-proof coat with hood, over-trousers, shorts and long johns or long trousers, thermal singlet, shirt, warm jersey/jacket, gloves/mitts, warm hat, sun hat. NO COTTON OUTER GARMENTS PLEASE. This includes jeans as they contribute to hypothermia when wet. Sunglasses, lunch, snacks/emergency rations, full water bottle, sun block, first aid kit, toilet paper, torch, map, compass, whistle, survival sheet/bag, a bright piece of equipment or clothing. Optional  Gaiters, camera, walking sticks, spare clothes in the vehicle.

160 Wednesday  Walkers  Walks

If you have a walk you would like to do, please suggest it at next weeks walk.

ABC Caves


Anderson Lagoon – Shag River

Ashlands Rd. – Kemp Rd. Katiki

Aviemore – Mt. Dryburgh

Awakino Ski Field

Awamoko Stream

Balmoral Huts

Ben Ledi

Ben Lomond

Ben Ohau

Benmore Walkway

Benmore Peak

Big Ben

Big Kuri Creek

Bike rides

Black Cap – Scout Hill

Bobbys Head – Pleasant River

Borland Lodge

Boundary Creek

Canyon Creek

Cave Hill

Central Otago Rail Trail

Chinamans Hut

Chinamans Cave

Clear Stream


Conical Peak

Deep Stream

Devils Bridge Cave

Devils Elbow

Doctors Point

Dome Hills

Domett Loop

Douglas (Rob & Sue)


Elephant Hill

Evensdale Glen

Flannagans Pass

Fox Peak

Freehold Creek

Gentle Annie Hut

Gibson Farm Walk

Glenthorn Station

Gunns Bush

Golf Course, Waianakarua

Government Hill


Gunns Bush

Hamilton Hill

Hampden / Moeraki

Hampden Township

Hillgrove Farm Walk

Herbert Forest

Heywards Point

Island Cliff

Island Stream Waterfall

Kakanui Peak

Kakanui – All Day Bay

Karitane Walkway

Kauru Hill – Fuchsia Creek

Kawairua  Station

Kettleholes, Omarama

Kurow Hill, Awakino Gorge

Kurinui Reserve

Lindis Pass / Dalrachney

Little Domett

Livingstone, Beaties Hill

Loman Run

Maerewhenua Gold Diggings

Moana Station

Moeraki Lighthouse

Moeraki walkway


Mt. Alexander

Mt. Alexander Loop

Mt. Bitterness

Mt Cargill

Mt Cook (Not the Summit)

Mt Dalgety

Mt. Dasher

Mt. David

Mt. Difficulty – Allan Rd

Mt Difficulty – Dasher

Mt. Difficulty – Hectors

Mt. Domett

Mt. Dryburgh

Mt. Evelyn

Mt. Fortune

Mt. Grayson

Mt Kirkliston

Mt. Kohurau

Mt Kyeburn

Mt. Mary, Trig J

Mt. Meyer

Mt Michael

Mt Milne

Mt. Miserable

Mt Nessing

Mt. Nimrod (Haka)

Mt Nimrod (East)

Mt Nobler

Mt. Obi

Mt Orr

Mt. Parker

Mt. Peel (Little)

Mt. Pisgah

Mt. Stalker

Mt Studholme

Mt. Sutton, Ohau

Mt Sutton, Waitangi

Mt. Trotter

Mts. Trotter & McKenzie

Mt. Watkin

Ngapara Farms Walk

Noondale Reserve

Oamaru Walkways

Obi, Mitchells Hut

Obi, Mt. Stalker

Obi, Shingle Creek

Orbell’s Cave

Otekaike Bridal Track

Otekaike Hill

Peel Forest

Pigeon Bush – Duncan Road

Pigeon Bush – South Peak

Pleasant River, Bobbys Head

Prominent Peak

Puketapu Hill

Pulpit Rock

Quail Burn

Raki’s Table / Tunnel

Raki’s, Belmont, Victoria Hills


Rock & Pillars

Rosella Ridge, Silver Peaks


Round Yards circuit / gorge

Seacliff Reserve

Shag Point

Siberia Hill

Staircase Ridge

Station Peak

Stony Ridge

Suttons Face

Swampy, Leith saddle

Table Top via Wainak  Reserve

Table Top via Herbert Forest

Tapui Farm Walk

Te Huruhuru

Temple – North

Temple – South

The Hays

Timaru Walkways

Trotters Gorge Reserve

Trotters Gorge Trig L

Tokarahi Farmwalk

Waihao Walkway, Hotel circuit

Waimate Gorge


Weston Escarpment

White Horse

Woolshed Creek

Wainono Lagoon

Starting place is the Towey St Tennis Courts (see the  map at the top of this page) usually at 8-30 am  every Wednesday.