Club Night August 2018

The committee has been working on amendments to the Club’s constitution mainly to enable it to become an Incorporated Society. This will be voted on at a special meeting at the next Club night.
Trip Reports:
July saw a mystery bike ride which entailed visiting a series of local attractions, including Devils Bridge wetland, the reservoir mountain bike track, Glen Reserve, the Oamaru Historic Precinct and Harbour, the Art Society Gallery and concluded with a refreshing visit to the local brewery.
In early August 7 members did two day walks below Dunedin. The first up the Taieri Gorge from Taieri Mouth and the second on the next day, up Berwick Forest’s Government Track near Waipouri Falls, both return trips of 18k each.
The Wednesday Walkers climbed Elephant Hill, returning via Mussen Hill, a Tapui farms round trip and another round trip on Roseneath Run near the Waitaki Dam, returning down the Awahomoko Creek.
They did 3 short walks near Waikouaiti of the Hawksbury Lagoon, Matanaka historic site and the Karitane Peninsula and last week a new Blackcap Scout Hill circuit. All walks were in the 12-18k range.
A new group are doing short, up to 4 hour walks, doing sections of the A2O bike track at the moment.
Coming Club Trips are Station Peak from the Waitaki River returning via the Kowhai Grove which should be in flower, a cross-country ski day on the Pisa Range snow-farm followed the next day by a walk to Diamond lake and walks at Mt. Nimrod Reserve and Hook Bush. On Labour weekend there will be 3 day trips in the Glenorchy area. The “What’s On” Page has more details.
Guest Speaker was club member Jane Green on her and Graham’s bike ride in Central America. She started off with 3 vivid video clips of the inside of a live volcano, leaf-cutter ants carrying their loads 150m home, and a howler monkey doing his thing.
The cycle trip was 15 days with some bussing in between starting in Nicaragua, going through Costa Rica and finishing on the Panama Canal. Temperatures were around 30 degrees with high humidity.
We saw pictures of bright coloured buildings, some modern, some just shacks, rubbish everywhere, high fences and tall mountains with no snow because of their proximity to the equator. In Nicaragua the average income is just $2 per day. Bikes are the main form of transport with freight cartage by anything from horse and cart to large trucks. Navigating around is not easy as there are no street numbers or names.
The best photo was of a squirrel eating a large nut with its head buried inside the nut.
The most stressful episode they had was getting left behind by the bus at the first border post, though luckily someone eventually noticed and the bus driver came back for them.