Bobbys Head, Goodwood

Sunday 4th August 2019

Even though cold weather was forecast for the day of the trip to Bobby’s Head, seven trampers ventured out.
It started with a walk along Goodwood Road to a cemetery and old church yard. With the church no longer standing we noticed that a lot of the graves were of the Preston and Dunkley families.
We then continued along the road towards Matai Farm with the sun now shining and temperatures getting warmer, necessitating a few layers to be shed.
After following a fence-line down a paddock we came across the first of many electric fences which we found live after testing with the tester.. We then skirted around an estuary on a farm track, over sand dunes and onto the beach where the Pleasant River meets the sea.
A morning tea break was taken before climbing up to the cliff tops where we followed the coastline across the farmland and negotiated many more electric fences. (All shocks avoided)
As we were lucky enough to catch a low tide we made our way back down from Matai Farm to the beach and observed the unusual formations in the mud stone on the cliffs before reaching Tavora Beach for a lunch stop.
Now in the Tavora Reserve, we followed a track over the sand dunes and through stands of native bush up onto Bobby’s Head where we admired the views from the Otago Peninsula in the South to Shag Point in the North.
With a short walk across a paddock and over a couple of stiles, once again we came out onto Goodwood Road and after a 500 meter walk we were back at our vehicles at 3pm.
A stop at Palmerston for ice creams followed on our way home.
Thank you to John for the guiding expertise and liaising with the farmer to make this trip possible.
Thanks also to Lynette, Julian, Bronwyn, Neville and Maurice for their company.