Woosy Bike Rides

Woosy Bike Ride , 18 August 2019

It took a lot of work arranging the perfect day for a bike ride and no effort was spared and the results were definitely worth it because this particular day was made for it, no clouds at all, brilliant views to the higher hills covered in last week’s snow, little wind.
Nine turned up at the Purton’s carpark in Maheno at 1pm, 2 non club members. There were ebikes as well as pushbikes. It seemed a natural selection process as those on the push bikes opted to do a 20km circuit and those with ebikes opted to do the longer western circuit amounting to 36km. So 5 on the eastern side of Maheno 4 the other and off we went.
One member on a new bike copped some questions relating to all the features in this latest edition of ebike which included the fitting of an airbag.
It is hard not to be enthusiastic about ebikes, there is nothing to dislike about them, they flatten all the hills and always give you a tail wind, in fact they take away about 50 years of ageing and make you feel like a ten year old on a bike. So for us on the western circuit we thoroughly enjoyed the ride through Kuriheka , admiring the old buildings and stopping at the memorial built to remember all those fro the area that went to fight in WW1.
On we went stopping only at the intersections enjoying the great views of the hills, quite roads, the only vehicles we met once when we were on the Tullimett Rd stopping for a drink.
The return leg into a breeze all the way along a network of roads zigzagging our way back to Maheno avoiding tarsal and the main road.
We arrived back at the carpark about 3.30pm with the ones who did the eastern circuit back too, good timing.

Bike ride report trip 2
Five of us on more traditional historical bikes with the exception of one e-bike did the shorter 20 km trip. We left Maheno on the Maheno/Kakanui Rd and then turning into the Maheno/All Day Bay Rd onto our first hill/work out for the day up pass the Maheno Cemetery. We follow this road onto the gravel and along it to we met up with Happy Valley Rd which we turn into and a downhill run to Robertsons Rd. We turned into Robertsons Rd and after going downhill it was back up hill again, with a few ups and down along this road but we had great views of the mountains with the snow on them. We followed this road till we met up with MacLean Rd which we follow down towards the coast and out onto Waianakarua Rd by All Day Bay where we stopped for a break. After our break it was a good uphill slog and along the coast towards Kakanui and as we were coming into Kakanui, Phyllis’s bike decided it had had enough and spat the dummy with bit of derailleur and springs flying out everywhere. So we had to leave Phyllis behind and travel back to Maheno on the Maheno/Kakanui Rd to the vehicles, where I went back and picked Phyllis and her broken bike up.
She may have a good excuse to get a e-bike now. Thank to Robbie for organising the maps and route, with great weather and views we all enjoyed our ride.

It sounded like their ride was enjoyable as well so all around everyone was happy and a good finish was had at the tavern by way of a nice drink and a debrief with the usual laughter. Thanks to those who made it, they were, Bron, Maurice, John, Robbie on the western circuit and Ross, Neville, Phyllis, Colin and Julie on the eastern one.