Careys Creek – Evansdale Glen Reserve Report – 7th May 2022

This trip was meant to be on the Sunday but with the weather report during the week of
rain, then clouded, then showers it was too mixed up to predict, so with Saturday being the
better day I put the word out to the club that Saturday would be the day. On the day there
was only one other club member that showed up, but with it being a new hike that both of
us had not done before in was decided we would do it and put it back on the club’s program
another time. We drove down the road towards Dunedin and just at the bottom of the
Kilmog there is a road to your right that takes you into Evansdale Glen Reserve and the start
of the track.

We headed off about 9.30am crossing the creek with no wet feet which was
good because we would have to cross it several more times on our trip. The trip up the
valley was on a good track with a mixture of native bush, open flats and a bit of a pine
forest. After about ½ hour we came to the junction of the Rongomai track, this would be the
track we would return on in the afternoon, so we carried on up the Careys Creek track
where it closed in a bit in the valley with native bush. The track followed the creek with a
few creek crossings, an old water race pipe and a small dam. Since we had had a dry couple
of months the track was petty dry, but this track had been known to be quite muddy at
times. We soon came to the junction of the Honeycomb track about 10.30 am which you
could walk right pass it if you were not looking. We found a flat area just up the Honeycomb
track where we took a break and had morning tea enjoying the bird song with the bell birds
and others and the friendly failtails keeping us amused.

After morning tea, it was a steep climb for about 20 minutes to get us on a ridge that levelled off a bit up to Steep Hill Road in
the Silver Peaks. Just before the road we came across a connecting track to the Romgomai
track, but we carried on up to the road. It was then up the road for about 5 minutes to meet
a forest road that took us down pass where the connecting track came out and on to the
start of the Rongomai Track. The Rongomai track follows a rocky ridge line back down to
Careys creek, but ½ way down we stopped for a lunch break and to admire the bird song
again, with sightings of wood pigeons and a goat calling in the valley below. The last part of
the Rongomai track drops down steeply over a creek to meet back up with the Careys Creek
track at the track junction and then it was just a back track for ½ an hour to be back out at
the car park at 1.45pm and after a 12.7 km hike. We both agreed it was a good day out and
we had made the right decision to go. We then decided there was a wee brewery at
Evansdale the both of as had not visited before, so it was off to there to finish off a great
day out.

Thank to Julian for your great company for the day. Neville