Tracks Maintained by NOTMC


Staircase Ridge and Table Top

Feb 2014.

From the Mt Misery Rd the track initially is a bit closed in but further down the track had been cut and cleared to the river.

Up stream where the track leaves the river, there is a lot of bush nettle. Above the face, some wind fall and regeneration on track. Once on top of the ridge the track is not easy to follow in places due to regeneration over growing the track. Further along it is easier going but there is a need to keep alert for markers. The hut has had a make over, a new roof and some lining of interior walls, plus new chimney.

The track away from the hut to the ridge leading to the river has a lot of wind fall, making for very slow travel.We ended skirting higher off the track to avoid this. Once on the ridge to the river and the 4wd track there is just regrowth to contend with

. The 4wd track has wind fall and is very overgrown in places. From Table Top the track is very over grown in places down to the river.

Herbert Forest

Herbert Walking Tracks Map 2012 -14

Herbert Forest Swallows, Podocarp, Glenburnie Loop and Hoods Tracks.01-IMG_3155

A Guided walk day will be held on Sunday 14 April 2019

The large native trees and bird life are a feature of this remnant Podocarp forest.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hoods Creek Ladder at the waterfall



Swallows Track Upgrade

Spring Working Bee 7 October 2018
Eleven club members turned out for the latest working bee, which concentrated just on establishing more board walks in the Swallows track. This track gets the greatest use all year round and still has had muddy patches during certain parts of the year. Previously we had gravelled the beginning section and this work has been continued off and on for the last few months and was carried on with by two members on this occasion using a special 2 wheeled wheelbarrow which is now a new improved version with fully adjustable handles.
The rest of the group worked hard firstly carrying in all the materials and tools needed for approximately 28 meters of board walk in total and then building the boardwalks complete with wire mesh for better grip.
We used mainly screws for assembling the boardwalks on this occasion and members had fun trying out the latest screwing technology with impact drivers taking the hard work out of driving in the longer fasteners. Everyone worked incredibly hard and the job was all done by 3.00pm.

Saturday 2 December 2017

After a very wet winter extending into Spring some sections of the Swallows Track had become very muddy making for unpleasant walking conditions for our number one track.

After some member discussion and the willing support from Port Blakely and Road Metals timber and gravel were obtained and two working bees got under way.

 Construction of a 7m boardwalk was completed at the muddy section prior to the second bridge crossing future proofing this area. Another smaller section plus steps were added in another mud prone area halfway to the bridge.

A second working bee was held on Sat 2nd to lay a matting membrane and gravel over a 70m section from the start of the Swallows Track. After some earlier preparation of drainage and levelling this section soon became a highway. Ten club members with 4 wheel barrows loading transporting and levelling the gravel with great efficiency and enthusiasm. Some of the barrow loads needed extra assistance with a tow rope attached to gain the steeper and longer section.

We can now take a well deserved rest leaving the vistors to enjoy this special place.

Thanks to all our volunteers involved with this project.


Awakino Gorge track

January 2016

Thanks to Bill this track off SH 83 has been cleared up to Cattle Valley Road though the bottom section needs more attention. The start is marked by a small orange triangle on the fence at the Awakino River bridge picnic area .


 South Temple, Lake Ohau

17th March 2012. A group of five club members has re cut and re marked the track along the valley from the hut up to the junction. A lot of the track has been wiped out just above the hut and walking along the widened river bed is now the only option.

  South Temple – Maitland


During Labour weekend 2012 four club members marked a track from the South Temple Hut up a tributary towards Mt. Maitland which also gives access to Watson Stream and the Ahuriri Valley. A cairn near the hut marks the start of this route.

Early May 2016 a group of 7 stayed at the South Temple Hut. Some of this group headed back up this tributary to check the route markers.

The old markers were not too bad to locate even though they had faded badly to a silvery grey colour. Using the old markers they were able to tie new orange and pink plastic ribbon and reestablish this as a pretty good route to allow access into the upper basin of this stream.




Dave’s Track, Trotters Gorge

This track in the northern part of Trotters Gorge was opened up again in January 2016.

It starts under and to the right of Ahns Peak, past the University hut and over Trotters Creek.

Now marked with pink ribbons it runs up a valley to a stone cliff which splits the valley and travels along the base of this before a steep climb to the cliff top. It ends on a forestry road with access to South Peak.

01 Looking up Dave's Track from Arns Peak07 Track under cliff face

View of track area from Ahns Peak                                                                  Track along the base of the cliff

Livingstone to Beatties Hill Bridal Track

This track between the Livingstone Cemetery and Beatties Hill has been cleared. While short, it covers some interesting sites. Crossing the Maerewhenua there are several old bridge abutments.3-IMG_3178

A side track will take you to some schist rock ruins that was once a hotel with several gravestones nearby. A steep scramble takes you to the Danseys Pass road, part way up Beatties Hill.

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