Club Night 12 April 2021

Julian welcomed us and started the night with the trip reports.
Robbie led a working bee at Herbert forest. 10 people helped mainly on the Hoods creek track.It was in a mess after harvesting.The other tracks were checked out too.Traps are being set off by rats and mice bo Robbie asked for volunteers who could help out everyday for 10 days and have a concentrated hit then not do it again for a few months.
The trip to the Huxley Forks hut went well.Six members went and had lovely weather.They tramped to the Forks hut on Saturday then on Sunday walked up to the Broderick hut and back ,stayed another night  and tramped out on Monday.
Up coming trips were then spoken about . Colin is taking a trip to Cone peak .The plan is to leave early at 7.00am.and to go up a 4wd track around to the left then on up to the top.
Anzac weekend Roz is taking a trip from the Ahuriri over and down to the Top Dingle hut.On Sunday walk up Mt Gladwish and back to hut. Back over and out Monday.
30th April Bessis going to Freehold creek on Saturday Accomodation will be in Twizel that night and on Sunday she plans to do Flannagans Pass or as far as people want to go
10 May  A G M and trip planning meeting.A secretary and vice president are needed.
While we waited for the  speakers to arrive Jane Green recalled how things had changed in the 50 years since she started tramping. She told of how there was no such thing as tramping boots   only inflexable farm boots, no padding at all on packs and the food was not memerable at all. On her first tramp she was saved from a deadly fall by a fellow tramper who just managed to grab her pack in time. He was sworn to secrecy or she may not have been allowed to go again.On the same tramp a girl was struggling and they found in her pack hair rollers,make up ,and a transistor radio.The weather was terrible and they all had to pile into a two man bivy ,no sleep for anyone that night.
Julian then went through the May tramps coming up 
Jane is taking a bike ride around the Dunedin harbour crossing over on the ferry.She will make inquires as to cost and the timetable.
Neville has a working bee at Trotters Gorge  mainly to clear Vickers track and Daves track They are overgrown and pruning back is needed.
Karyl has a midwinter trip to Mt Cook on the 29th Stay at the Alpine Club Lodge ,bring a pot luck desert and explore the walks and scenery of the area.
Our guest speakers arrived.Lisa Heinz from the Geopark Trust spoke about the things they wanted to acheive like linking the land,the buildings the people and educating everyone about the geological landscape.They have 42 sites of interest in the area which stretches from Ohau to Mc Craes. She explained that the trust want Unesco geopark recognition as they think this will enhance the profile of the area.There is a cost for this recognition .Unesco checks geopark status every  4 yrs.Sasha talked to us about how N Z  was formed and evolved from Gondwana.She is a geologist and finds this area provides a huge geological timeline to study Maps wre provided to look at and a video presentation was shown
Following the speakers the meeting was closed and a cup of tea served