Club Night June 2019

In the Herbert Forest the Hoods and Podocarp Tracks are closed due to logging operations by the owners Port Blakey. The Swallows track remains open.
Other nearby Tramping Clubs are interested in doing trips with us within our district, as a means of getting to know the area better.
The Club is looking to improve tramping leadership skills and may use the community day next year to develop these.
Trip Reports
There have been 2 trap round checks in the Herbert Forest, with hedgehogs and rats being the main catch.
7 trampers had a trip up Deep Stream on a cold and often blustery day. They headed up the lower gorge, across the river and up the flats to the upper gorge. After dodging the thick matagouri the climbed up the saddle to the right where they had lunch. It was then down a 4wd track to Fisherman’s Bend and up the road to the cars. Wallaby sightings were few compared to the last time this trip was done.
Coming Trips are Big Hut, checking tunnel traps, and one from Katiki Beach to Shag Point. See the website >what’s on, for more details.
Wednesday Walkers and Wanderers
Walks enjoyed were Verbakel’s farm, a coastal trip up to Bobbys Head, Elephant and Mussen Hills, Kuriheka, and Ridge Road farm by the Wanderers.
Guest Speaker was Bronwyn McCone with the second part of her cruise up “Siberia’s Forgotten Coast”, this time north from Anadyr. As with the first part of her trip, they had to have specific permission to land anywhere on the coast from the Russian equivalent of DOC. There are very few roads, because of the permafrost and the tundra, so the landings were from zodiacs which were able to go up the rivers.
We were treated to fantastic pictures of thousands of sea birds, including cormorants, puffins, and harlequin ducks. Also sighted were brown and polar bears, humpback whales bubble netting and orcas. As it was late spring we saw many pictures of colourful ground hugging flowers including red rododendron’s and green gentians.
They got as far North as Wrangel and Herald Islands in the Chukchi Sea, where they sailed through pack ice before returning to Anadyr and the flight home via Alaska.