Club Night November 2019

Herbert forest tracks are now open and in good condition apart from a few trees down, near the bottom of Hoods Creek track. Last trap check along the tracks saw 5 rats, 2 hedgehogs and 4 mice caught.
 A gecko survey is being carried out in the forest.

Trip Reports
A lot of wildlife were seen on a coastal trip from Andersons Lagoon to the Shag River mouth. Shags were nesting and sealions basking on the beach. One even followed the group, swimming along in the surf.
The Wednesday Walkers had day walks to Trig L from Switchback Road, a Hampden historic tour using a map available at Vanessa’s café and a slippery trip to Tabletop via Mile Flat Road. A day was also spent helping Doc plant and release native trees at a reserve near Otekaike.

Coming Tramping Club trips are to Trotters Gorge and Dave’s track, a weekend trip to Brewster Hut at Haast Pass, a bike ride along the Mt. Ida water race and a Dalgety Range traverse from the Haka Pass to the McKenzie Pass. December Club night is the Clubs Christmas Party.

Trips for the January to March 2020 period were arranged.

The nights speaker was Bronwyn McCone who told us about her and a friend’s trip to Nue Island in September.
Nue Island is 260 square kilometers, has one supermarket, one garage and no beaches or rivers. They
hired a car to get around but were told to leave the keys in the car in case it needed to be shifted. They went to two Church services which they couldn’t understand but with fantastic singing and where they had to wear frocks. Covered foot-ware was essential on the coral covered island and snorkeling was enjoyed at low tide in the many inlets. On a fishing trip they caught several tuna and wahu

A lot of taro is grown using a new plot each year and vanilla pods are made into essence.

Supplies either come via the twice a week flights from Auckland or by freighter, which are unloaded by barges and supplies of certain items can run out because of irregular schedules.