Herbert Forest Tracks

IMG_0221The trip scheduled for Sunday 20/10 was replaced with a walk through the Herbert Forest Tracks with the option of rebating the traps. 
Only 3 members availed themselves for this event and we did decide to do the traps. The day was very good but due to previous periods of rain the tracks were about as wet as they can be and both the Glenburnie and Hoods Creeks were running high enough to reach to knees when fording some crossings. It was however spectacular to see the creeks like this and any waterfalls were big and noisy. We leapfrogged our way from one trap to another, stopping for lunch at the new seating on the Hoods Creek Track. It was almost too hot to stay there too long. We completed our walk by walking along Couches Rd back to the Swallows Carpark. It was very interesting seeing all the new views right out to the coast following all the logging that has taken place there over the winter. We were all done by 3 pm and considered ourselves lucky at having had a good day out. Thanks to John and Neville for coming out.