Herbert Forest Tracks Working Bee

A beautiful day for it and 10 of us turned up at the Swallows Carpark. The Hoods Creek Track was the recipient of most of our attention, it was in great need of good tidy up and it got it. The human chainsaws swung into action and most of the tree falls were cleaned up leaving just some of the bigger trees for a Port Blakely crew to do. A thorough haircut all around and some step filling and a minor track realignment took us past lunchtime. Some of the crew went down and up the Swallows while one went down the Podocarp to put 3m of new chicken netting on the first decent bridge near the Glenburnie Track junction.

So bar some minor cutting jobs on the remainder of the Podocarp and Loop and Glenburnie the tracks are very good.

At the conclusion while waiting at the Swallows Carpark there were 10 cars parked there and more still arriving, very popular place on such a great day. Some folk cottoned onto us scruffy trampers and thanked us for the work we do on the tracks, it was nice to be appreciated.

So, a very big thanks to those who made it, a great effort with lots achieved. Hope your ankle is behaving Karyl, Cheers Robbie