Mt. Studholme Kelcey’s Bush

20 August 2017

This is a trip that I did about 8 years ago. On that trip we started out on the Gunn’s Bush walking track and then bush-bashed our way up a ridge into the forest and on to a forest road. From there we followed the road up on to the main ridge about 2km south of Mt Studholme and then we followed the ridge up on to Mt Studholme.

So with this trip in mind I put it on the programme again since it had been a while since we had been there.

 About two weeks before this trip I went up to check the route out. I found the ridge up out of Gunn’s Bush, got into the forest but as I got up a bit I came across a new tree plantation. Over the last 8 years they had cut down the old trees and replanted and there was no quick way of getting through to get up on to the road. So I changed my plan for this trip by having a car at the locked gate on the forest road and another car at the bottom of the main track that goes up to Mt Studholme.

Anyway after all this planning the day of the trip the weather was crap with low cloud and drizzle. I headed down to the car park meeting place to see who was keen for a day out and low and behold two other members had turned up and I had a phone call to say that two other club members would meet us up there.

After a short discussion it was decided that Mt Studholme was out for the day and it was decided we would go to Waimate and do some of their bush walks. We met our other two members at the start of the Gunn’s Bush track. This track is about 4km long and the bush is some of the oldest bush in Waimate with some big old Totara and Miro trees. This is a loop track with some really nice bush and a good track.

After we got back to the cars we decided we would head over to Kelcey’s Bush and go to the waterfall and the old Waimate water intake. We got over there and there was a bit of light rain so we took an early lunch break in the picnic shelter. After lunch we did the short walk up to the waterfall for a look and we also explored a bit of the area of bush above the falls.

It was then back to the main track and up to the water intake. I had tried to get to the intake many years ago but the tracks were all over grown then, but now the tracks are all very well maintained and in good condition. A great place to go for a short walk with a lot of history. Also along these tracks we had seen a lot of painted stones so some people had been busy.

 It was now mid afternoon so it was back to Waimate for a coffee stop before heading home, so Mt Studholme will keep for another day.


Thanks for coming out Kate, Peter, John and Jac – Neville