Nev’s Eat My Dust Mystery Bike Ride

Fourteen keen bike riders turn up for this ride which was a good trip to have since we were back in level 2 lock down. The weather was great for this day out, with no wind which helped us non e bikers out. All up we had 8 riders on e bikes & 6 on conventional bikes.

We started off by heading down to the historical part of town, down Harbour St & then back along the Coast over the Oamaru Creek swing bridge and out to the bike track that follows the coast out to the Waitaki Boys High School. From there it was around a few side streets till we came to our biggest challenge for the day – Buckley’s Hill. This is where e bikes are e bikes, men are men and boys were boys. E bikes made it look easy but most of the rest of the party did make it up on their bikes, with a few of us flagging it away and pushed our bikes up till we all met up at the corner of Redcastle Rd & Reservoir Rd to catch our breath. From here it was along to Eden Rd with its big downhill section on to Oamaru Creek Rd to Turfus Camp Rd on to Airedale Rd to Teaneraki Rd on to Coal Pit Rd and then down Slaughter Yard Rd to all meet up for lunch at the Enfield Rugby Grounds. We covered about 26 km in just over two hours over some great rural roads with views over Oamaru and the Coast, to the Kakanui Mountains and some great rural country. Lunch was enjoyed by all in the sun talking about different bikes and everyone was looking forward to the 12km ride back to town on the A2O track, but I had other plans for them. Here we were with a rugby ground beside us so why not use it. I set up some bike challenges for them to do with a slow race for e bikes and then conventional bikes and then a final slow race with the winning of the e bike race and the conventional bike race with the conventional winning this. Then it was time to stretch the legs with a sprint race and in the final the e bike won this but the conventional bike was not far behind. The final race of the day was a slalom race and in the final the conventional bike won with the e bike knocking over a cone. After all this it was back on the bikes again along the A2O track back to Oamaru with some of us stopping off at Cafe Gray’s at Weston. All up we covered about 37km for the day with some great views, good weather and great company. Thanks to Bev, Ross F, Phyllis, Maurice, Bill B, Jane, Graham, Bill F, Ross M, Bron, Robbie, Colin and John.