Nimrod Scenic Reserve and Easement

Sunday 17th July

A carload of us left Oamaru at 8am and turned off the state highway 1 and onto Pareora Gorge Road, and then lastly on to Back line Road and into the Nimrod Camping Area. Just before reaching the camping sites, there was a newly constructed Glamping stay, which did look welcoming. A frosty start for some campers at the camping area which even has flush toilets.  We began our day by going anti clockwise up through the bush which was surprisingly dry underfoot considering the rain we have had.  We stopped 10.45ish for a snack at the turnoff to the easement. Here we could see other trampers who were on the southern ridge high point that we would be on later in the day. From here, we continued up the track and through the gate which accessed the easement track. The further up we got the colder the wind got but also we were able to see snow capped Mt Somers, Dobson and Mt Hutt. At 11.30, Julian suggested an early lunch on the hill to the left so a short walk up through tussock and after some photos and confirming which farm track is access to Mt Nimrod, we sheltered in behind tussock for lunch.  

After lunch, we returned to the Nimrod Reserve loop track and down to the picturesque waterfall which has a rock arch and plenty of water flowing through it.  With photos taken, we continued up the steep track onto a small flat area to catch out breath and then on up the south ridge.  Looking back from here, the waterfall can be seen through the bush.  At the top of the south ridge, Banks Peninsula can be seen in the distance. Halfway down the south ridge, we heard a Falcon though it wasn’t overly concerned we were there. This Reserve was recognised for its birdlife as early as 1891 and it has been logged, burned and stock grazed however it became a Scenic Reserve in 1932. Back to the cars by 2.15 and to Oamaru by 4pm.

Thanks for your company Rob, Jenny, Julian and Neville.  Bess