North Otago Back Country Roads Bike Ride

Saturday 11 November 2023

The planned ride the previous Sunday was postponed because of wet cold weather, so with a brilliant fine day nine riders turned up at the Cant’s Road shelter on the Alps to Ocean bike trail at 1-30 pm.

We headed down the A2O towards Duntroon, thankful that the track had at long last been repaired and made more resilient from the 2022 flood.  A stop was made at Grants Road where one rider discovered a thorn in his tyre which necessitated a quick repair job. We continued down past Elephant Rocks to the Duntroon Livingstone Road before turning left and zooming up the flat towards Livingstone. 

The e bikes made short work of the Livingstone pinch and soon we were on Smiths Road, riding through the carbon farm, newly replanted after the fire  which caused so much damage. There were quite a few hills through here but we made good time, appreciating the 360 degree views. We eventually turned on to Davidson Road, which was mainly downhill, emerging on to the Tokarahi Tapui Road and a short ride up Cant’s Road to our cars shortly before 5 pm.
An enjoyable 42k ride through the North Otago Back country.