Sunday 29 September 2019

A good crew of 9 of us met on the Sunday morning all looking for a good day out in the Silver Peaks. We all piled into two vehicles and headed south to the Silver Peaks tracks car park, inland from Waitati.

 It was about 9.30am when we started up the Green Ridge track, weather was cool and foggy about the tops, but we were hoping it would clear so we could get some views, yeh right. It took us about an hour on a well maintained track to get to the old green hut site where we took a break before tackling the uphill bit of the track.

 After the green hut site the track climbs up out of the bush and on to a exposed ridge that leads up to Pulpit Rock, which was all fogged in. Just before the top, an unmarked track doubles back past a DOC sign that was lying on the ground that reads, ”This is not a maintained track past this point”. This is Rosella Ridge, a roughly cut track that runs the length of the ridge.

The start of the ridge is a bit up and down where we would have got some good views on a good day, but most of the track is through regenerating Manuka which restricted the views anyway.

 At point 633m we stopped for lunch in the bush just below a rocky outcrop. After lunch it was another ¾ of an hour till we met up with the Hunters Track which would take us off the ridge and down to the Waikouaiti River.

The Hunters Track descends down through broadleaf  forest, quite steeply near the bottom and someone had been up this track lately and had had a big cut back and clean up. So thanks to the people involved with that, you do a good job.

 A good cut track led us upstream till we crossed a stream and there was another track leading back into the bush, but with the plan to follow the main stream up to the Eucalypt track we stayed on the good track we were on. This was a bit of a mistake because after crossing the stream couples of times this track leads us into the pine trees. It was decided to miss the Eucalypt track and follow this track, which climbed steeply to start with through the pine trees, past where the Possum track comes up and out on to Mountain Rd.

It was about 1 km back down the road to the vehicles, arriving back about 3.30pm, 6 hours after we had left them. All in all it was a good day out in the Silver Peaks with some good tracks followed in some lovely bush.

Thanks to the 8 other trampers for you great company for the day.

Mike, Vicky, John, Phyllis, Maurice, Julian, Lynette and Bill F