Trotter’s Gorge Working Bee

23 May 2021

Seven keen trampers, armed with loppers and clippers, set off from the Trotters Gorge car park and up the track past the Otago University hut to the junction where the tracks diverge, with one branch heading west up Trotters Creek and the other going north up an unnamed creek to Dave’s Track. There the party split, with four going west and three north; it was agreed to regather at the junction at 2 o’clock.
The Trotters Creek team succeeded in clearing the track right through to the boundary of the Reserve, providing good access for anyone heading in that direction. The Dave’s Track crew found the track to be much more overgrown than expected and progress accordingly much slower, getting around half-way along the track.
Thanks to Phyllis, Maurice, Ross, Julian, Neville and Robbie for a good day’s work. John.