Clear Stream

10th March 2019

On an overcast, threatening to rain day, 6 trampers turned out for our venture to Clear stream. Although 1 vehicle could have taken us all -we needed 2 for the transfer. So at the Maerewhenua Bridge, one vehicle was left and we all continued on towards Danseys Pass to the Lavender Farm area. Downstream from here for almost 10km following Clear Stream. The Gorge has amazing rock formations, both in the stream and in the steep hills above.

It was a slowish careful walk clambering up over and down rocks and banks. Only 1 mishap when one tramper had an unintended dip. Fortunately no injuries as rather rugged terrain.

We were through the gorge part for lunch, then an easier ramble down the rest of the stream to the junction of the waters. One new additional interest, was the discovery of a gold dredge. We wish them luck, as we spied no gold, but we did see some rather nice trout! We did manage to locate the headstone of J Jones, a gold miner who died from Tutu berries in the 1860’s.

A vehicle transfer, then we were on our way back to Oamaru mid-pm.

It was great to have a new member Nicky out with us, and hope to see her many more times as she discovers N Otago’s ‘treasures in the hills’.

Nicky, Chris, Julian, Sam, John and Jane