Dumb-bell lake via Freehold Creek.

25th February 2023 – Lake Dumb-bell via Freehold Creek.

Three members headed to Twizel on Friday night in order to get an early start on the Saturday morning.

We started at Freehold creek on day one, climbing steadily during the day passing and chatting t

o a few thru-hikers doing the Te-Araroa trail. Lunch was had early at the tarns at the top of Freehold Creek. We then climbed to the range above the tarns and traversed through the light snow and rocky terrain until we sighted lake Dumb-bell in the distance. A short stop to take in the views was followed by the descent to Lake Dumb-Bell. We set up camp on various flat areas close to the Lake and enjoyed a calm and tranquil evening.

Day two was a frosty start but we soon warmed up as we climbed back out of Dumb-bell to summit Mt Sutton, enjoying spectacular views on another fine day. We descended to The Ohau Ski-Field road and followed this until a decision to veer off towards Glen-Mary Ski Huts was made. This entailed some bush bashing in hot conditions, we soon crossed the Alps to Ocean track and headed back to where the Car was parked.

We were fortunate to have excellent weather for this trip and planty of time allowing us to stop frequently and enjoy the scenery.

Thanks to Robbie and Mark for their company.