Aoraki/Mt Cook

20-21st June 2020

Eighteen people decided it was time to get out and head for the hills and what better place than Mt Cook when there has been a fresh fall of snow. The weather was fine even if somewhat cold.

It was a bit of a social trip but catered for everyone who wanted to get out there. After a leisurely drive with the obligatory stop at the Wrinkly Ram we arrived at Mt Cook carpark and unloaded into the Wyn Irwin Hut which has 16 bunks.  We all wandered up the Hooker Valley on Saturday afternoon before settling in for a light tea followed by a very generous shared dessert.

Some of us played a couple of games like Doo Dah, Mancala and Jenga. (Maurice is a lousy liar)

Sunday morning five bods headed up to Sebastopol with ice axe and crampons through and above the fog to some spectacular views and the rest of us wandered up the Tasman valley noticing that as we gained a little height the snow was getting deeper. With the filtered light of the sun through the cloud and mist it was rather atmospheric and very pleasant. After a brief lunchbreak we returned to the cars and had a cuppa at the village before heading home.