Rock & Pillar Range

 25 September 2022

This was a trip that I was meant to lead, but with me injuring my ankle a couple of weeks ago and now being in a moon boot, it was a bit hard for me to go.

But this was not going to stop Rondey & Helen who decided to do it anyway. They set off from the Kinvara car park at 8.35am and although there was a heavy overcast sky, it was calm and relatively warm. They zig-zag’d up a 4WD track and after 2 hours 47 min. at the 1246m mark, they came across an unmarked signpost leading to a stepped foot track.  This crossed a snow-filled gully which was a mix of soft snow and a firm icy crust and they soon came across the hut.

After a short break they set off for the crest of the range, heading straight up above the hut, where they managed to find a vague track leading across the northern tributary of six-mile creek. After about half an hour they eventually walked out of the cloud and made it to the edge of the summit plateau. After 4 hours and 20 min they arrived at Summit Rock 1450m and the remains of the beacon frame surrounding trig station H, that was originally established by surveyor JP Arthurs in 1940.

With the cloud drifting back in again, they headed across the range towards Big Hut, arriving there about 1.26pm. They made a short detour up to the tors at point 1347m to visit the rock cairn trig station S, which was established by Charles Barnes Shanks in 1865. It was then back to Big Hut and down the Glencreag Track. After a slow descent they eventually made it down to the fence stile crossing the boundary fence of the Rock and Pillar Conservation Area and the other car park at 3.44pm.

 From there if you have not left a car there, it is about a 5.5 km walk down SH87 back to the other car park. All up it was a big day for them with the hike taking about 7 ½ hours with a 1000m climb.

Rodney was texting me during the day, so I did the hike from the comforts of my home with my foot up.

I thank Rodney for the updates during the day and for this information and am glad they had a good day out.