Snow Skills Weekend – 10th and 11th September

Snow Skills Weekend

10th and 11th September

2 vehicles left Oamaru and headed to a meeting point in Kurow where we picked up an additional participant for the weekend. Arriving at Awakino lodge by about 9am we unpacked, claimed bunks, and proceeded to meet our instructor on the Lodge deck by 9.30am

Brief introductions commenced and training began.

Within a short distance of the lodge a snowy slope allowed us to don crampons and ice axes where we then learned the rudiments of traversing slopes using various techniques.

As the day progressed, we moved further back into the Awakino Basin and found a suitable slope to practise self-arresting using ice axes.

This was a very informative, fun, and vigorous day and I think we all ended up with various bumps and bruises and in once case a bad sprain if not a possible fracture.

An enjoyable social night was held at the lodge that evening with tales aplenty.

Day two was to be a repeat but the weather curtailed to much activity, so we ended up exploring the basin and using our crampons again, with one member remaining at the lodge due to injury.

On behalf of all the participants I would like to thank the Club for subsidising part of the costs. It was a truly rewarding experience with all participants commented how the learnings will give us greater skills and confidence in the outdoors.


So thanks from Neville, Mark, Nicola, Izzy, Jonathan, Sara, Clare and myself