Trip Report, Working Bee Herbert Forest Tracks, 13 March 2022

 Nine people attended this activity on a fairly grey morning. There was a fair bit of work required on the Hoods Creek Track which has been closed due to log harvesting. A crew of 5 went to work from both the top and bottom of the track. They eventually met up at about 2.30 pm and all walked back to the top and were ferried back to their vehicles. Four of us stayed at the Swallows and proceeded to lose a few kg in gravy as we pulled and pushed wheelbarrow loads of gravel past the first bridge over the creek and spread gravel over weed mat in the boggiest patches. It was very hard work unfortunately not made lighter by many hands. It would have been really good to have seen more members make the effort to come, we could have all had more fun that way and achieved much more. However it was not to be and it does not diminish the effort of those who did come nor the appreciation of those who come to walk the tracks. That morning it was very gratifying to see the number of families with young kids giving it a go with excitment and appreciation in their eyes and a little less mud on their shoes. Thank you so much for the crew who came out, they were: Maurice and Phyllis, John, Julian, Bess, Jane and Graeme, Mark and Robbie